Monday, March 17, 2014


If I could only have one appliance in my kitchen, it would be my Vitamix.  Every morning for breakfast I have a smoothie with two or three bananas, 1 heaping tbs of hemp seed, four or five Brazil nuts, 1 tsp cacao, frozen cherries, and almond milk (unsweetened) Blue Diamond.  I change up the fruit, nuts, and sometimes use filtered water, but the bananas, hemp seed, and cacao are staples every morning.  I try and buy organic when I can find it and it is affordable.  I bought a reconditioned Vitamix from their company website and have been using it daily for over three years.  I'm sure other blenders are also good, but this is the one I have used personally to make smoothies and soups; it has never failed me to date.  It is expensive, but I think it is SO worth it.

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