Thursday, June 12, 2014

During the last few years, I've eaten at least two of my meals each day raw vegan.  The first meal of the day is a smoothie with bananas, hemp seeds, cherries or blueberries, almond milk, and ice.  Then for dinner, I have a huge salad with all of the fresh organic vegetables I can find.

However, for that meal which occurs during the middle of the day,  I need a vegan "travel"-type meal, such as a sandwich. I live in an area where there are very few vegan restaurants and even fewer vegan choices on standard restaurant menus. I'm always shocked to find out that a waitress has no idea what vegan options even mean.  So, I usually bring my meal with me when on the road.  Yesterday, when I was heading out on the road with my family, I took a classic peanut butter sandwich with organic peanut butter and my favorite bread: Genesis 1:29. Click on the link to read the details about this bread.
This bread is usually in the frozen food section of your local grocery store. It is not one of those breads marked vegan on the package. I found on the bread ingredients and information on the link above and was SO happy to find out it is vegan.  Since it is kept frozen, it is always ready for you to pull two pieces out of the freezer, thaw, then create your sandwich.  Give it a try!  It is an excellent vegan bread.