Monday, March 17, 2014

Talk Vegan

My thoughts, as I begin this blog, are that I am always searching for vegan websites and blogs where I can read about positive personal vegan experiences.  I will share anything that I find that will help you and at the same time, log information that I have collected for myself and others for future reference.

I am a newly retired teacher who loves to write, take nature photos, work in my garden, and mostly spend time with my family. I love God. I have six dogs and a cat; most were rescued, and two parrots almost 30 years old (update: now, only one parrot :-( ).  I love animals!

 I love animals so much that even though I know it is important to share the horrible abuse of animals with others, such as within factory farms, etc., I can not post horrific photos of the torture that happens all around us. If I did, I would be physically sick all the time. My goal with this blog is to share day-to-day products, videos, books, and my personal thoughts about living vegan in today's world in the hopes that my thoughts will make you think, wonder, and help as you look into, walk through, and/or continue your vegan lifestyle. I hope you visit often.

Jen :-)

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