Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vegan Makeup - Everyday Minerals - Cruelty Free

Everyday Minerals

Several years ago, (2011), I was looking for a cruelty-free makeup that would not breakout my sensitive mature skin.  I found Everyday Minerals online and ordered their sample kits to try out base shades.  I went crazy over their products and have been using them ever since.  Even though I am older, my skin breaks out with many of the liquid products.  I have tried several of the vegan liquid foundation brands but always come back to my favorite, that never breaks out my skin and seems to improve the color and texture, even when I am not wearing it.  

They have products for young and old, but my main focus was to find a product that keeps me looking as close to natural as possible, balancing my skin tones.  I turned 60 this year, but I have taken good care of my skin by moisturizing it several times a day.  Even though you do your best, your skin naturally ages and picks up dark spots of red tones.  We all are different, but a great foundation will even out the skin tones and compliment your skin.

Several things that I've learned using this product is that if you are older, you do not want to use the base or shadows with sparkle, iridescent colors, because this emphasizes wrinkles. For example, if I wear their eye shadow, I will apply it first, before the base product, with the goal of not leaving the iridescent color on top.  The second thing I've learned is to choose at least two shades of base color... preferably three, to "paint" your face because your face naturally is not a two dimensional flat color.    With the lightest shade, I work around my nose and eyes, (it can be used as a natural eye shadow), then use the next shade for most of my face and then add the darkest shade around the edges of my face.  Using three colors that are very close in shades will give you a natural looking face, making it look three dimensional.  Now, I am not a cosmetic specialist.  However, I do love art and I know from working with color that you have to shade items.  My experience with this makeup is to choose three base colors, close in shade, and work your natural paint brush on your face.  

Not only do I love this makeup company and their fabulous brushes, but it is vegan and cruelty-free!!! It is a win-win.  Here is more information on Everyday Minerals.  I order directly from the company and they ship quickly.  I usually have my order within the week.  

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