Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet and Salty

Today, I'm going to share more vegan grocery items that appeal to your sweet and salty taste buds.  The Enjoy Life dark chocolate boomCHOCOboom is a great chocolate bar.  It is also gluten free. They had three different flavors; I purchased the dark chocolate. Usually, I purchase the Endangered Species chocolate and have a few of those on hand, however, this week I found this new bar and it was delicious.... so I thought I would share it with you as my "sweet" for today.  

Under the "salty" category,  I found and tried Late July's Classic Saltine.  It is exactly as the title states and reminds you of the old fashion saltines I grew up eating, as a kid.  They are crisp and tasty with a little sea salt for flavor.  I ate mine with a little garlic and jalapeno pepper vegan (cheese) spread.  So good!!

Both of these items I found in my local Publix grocery store.  Yummy!  If you have not tried either one, you may want to swing by and pick up your sweet and salty for this week, vegan style.  

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