Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vegan Milk and Cookies

I am going to share two products with you that are vegan.  One I have been using for quite a while and the other I just found this past week.  That doesn't mean it is a new product, just new to me.

First, it is great to make your own almond milk and I have done this in the past with great success but most of the time, I want to go into my fridge and pull out a purchased almond milk.  At my local grocery, there are two brands of almond milk on the shelf and there was a time when I would purchase which ever one was on sale because they both say "dairy-free".  One day, I decided to go online and research both companies to find out which was the healthiest and I was amazed to learn that one was not vegan.  So, now I only purchase Blue Diamond Almond Milk from the local grocery because it is vegan AND dairy-free.  If you look at the photo below, you will see that vegan is the last item on the list.

Second, while searching online sites for vegan options last week, I ran across the vegan cookie made by Erin Baker at Amazon.  It is not a sweet cookie. It is advertised on their site as a breakfast cookie on the go with whole grains.  It is a meal replacement so if you are eating it for a snack, you may want to share with a friend or just break it in half because it is 300 calories for one 3 oz. cookie.  The first flavor I tried was Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk.  If you are thinking "sweet cookie" when you eat it, you will be disappointed.  But, if you are thinking "cereal bar", then you will enjoy it.  The first one I tried right out of the wrapper. It was okay and I was wondering if I would use this item as much as I originally thought. Then, after reading over their site, it suggests you pop it in the toaster.  This was when I was sold.  The chocolate chunks melt in the toaster but leave the outside crispy. Then I tried the Chocolate Chunk.  It is my favorite!  It has more chocolate and taken directly from the toaster is a real treat.  I'm a huge fan of peanut butter but the Chocolate Chunk gets my vote.
I ordered the cookies from Amazon.  They come 12 to a package and the directions from the site clearly state they should be frozen.  That is because they have no preservatives so the shelf-life is about 90 days.  Since you pop them into the toaster anyway, this works out great.  Plus, twelve cookies at once is a lot of meals on the go.  

So.... if you would like a quick meal of milk and cookies, check out Erin Baker's VEGAN breakfast cookies (be sure to search vegan because the company makes other cookies which are not vegan), see the specific link below:  

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