Sunday, April 13, 2014

NuGo Organic Double Dark Chocolate VEGAN bars

Most of my posts, to date, are sharing favorite products and this post is no exception.  NuGo vegan bars are my favorite meal replacement or snack bar when I need something to eat on the run.  I have re-ordered this box of 12 bars many times because not only is it my favorite bar but my family likes it, as well.  I love that they are also organic. 

NuGo has a line of bars but you have to look closely for the vegan symbol if you are buying them at the grocery or health food store where many are sold individually.  If you would like to look at all of their vegan bars, here is that link: NuGo Nutrition Vegan Bars

I have ordered these bars from Amazon, when I want them quickly, as I have Prime and can get them in two days.  But, if I keep up on my ordering, I have primarily used Vitacost, as they were about five dollars less than the listed price per box.  

As you can tell by my previous posts, I love chocolate and have a sweet tooth.  These bars have 10 grams of protein so they satisfy your hunger for several hours.  The chocolate is delicious!! Give them a try, you will really enjoy them.  This flavor is my favorite because of the heavier dark chocolate taste, but they have a nice variety.  Enjoy!

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